A Treatment Plan for a 21 Year Old Male With Schizophrenia Essay

A Treatment Plan for a 21 Year Old Male With Schizophrenia Essay

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Charles is a 21 year-old Caucasian single male currently residing with his mother and stepfather whom also is Charles’s uncle. Charles graduated high school and due to his illness he receives social security benefits. During a two year period Charles had nine visits to the emergency room resulting in admission to the psychiatric unit. On two admissions Charles left against medical advice, five admissions required a higher level of care resulting in admission to the state psychiatric hospital and two Charles was transferred to the adult crisis unit. Charles also has a misdemeanor history mainly public nuisance due to substance abuse mainly marijuana and cocaine. Charles was evicted after a psychotic episode and destroying his apartment.
Charles has agreed to medication protocol of Haldol injections and Resperadol. He adamantly refuses psychotherapy. While hospitalized Charles makes reference to being sexually abused he refuses to go into depth or give specifics. Prior to the diagnosis Charles’s mother reports became withdrawn at the age of seven Charles’s father died in a car accident.
At the age of twenty Charles’s experienced his first psychotic break. Not knowing what was happening Mother called the police as she believed the hallucinations and delusions were from marijuana and cocaine use. Charles was taken to the local jail and from there to the hospital when the symptoms remained for 12 hrs. At which time Charles was diagnosed with schizophrenia.
The mother cannot comprehend the diagnosis and believes the etiology of the psychosis is from drug use only. Charles is in denial as well but accepts the medication and when feeling better he stops and resumes his substance abuse. Charles cycles between the adult cr...

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... client and parent. Knowing the symptoms of schizophrenia will enable the family to identify triggers.
3. The family will learn to make family decisions that are balanced and in the best interests of both the client and familiy.
Individual Goals
Discontinue cannabis abuse
Enrollment in supportive employment
Obtain employment
Acceptance of diagnosis
Assume active role in the treatment of client’s illness therapy, medication adherence,
Attend monthly NAMI meetings
Reconnect with friends

Short-term Goals
1. Enrollment in ACT
2. The family will verbalize the symptoms, treatment, and course of schizophrenia
3. Educate family on psychosocial programs available: social skills group and supportive employment
4. The family will share how the illness has impacted the family system
5. The family will research outside support systems

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