Essay about A Teacher 's Incorporation Of Games Into Her Classroom

Essay about A Teacher 's Incorporation Of Games Into Her Classroom

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Blog 5: Games

Case study number two was about a teacher’s incorporation of games into her classroom. The kids in the classroom where all playing different games, which had various objectives. The playing of games was an engaging way for students to reflect on subject material they had been working on. For example, some students were playing the game of Yahtzee, which allowed them to work on probability. This is classified as engaging because the students are actively learning the objectives instead of simply learning out of the textbook. I believe learning through doing is important as; it builds a deeper understanding of course material. Assessment for this could be done through self, peer or formative assessment. For self-assessment you could have students write and reflect on their games. This could also tie into peer assessment since students could write their reflection and have peers edit it. This would be good for both students. The more the students reflect on the material the better it is for the learning experience. For formative assessment I would ensure I was continually walking around the room and asking students about their games. I could ask questions, such as, how does this game relate to what we have been learning in class? Are there any other subjects this game could be used for? Another way I would formatively assess students is by having them write exit slips when leaving class. This would be beneficial for both the students, and me since they would be reflecting on the material again and I could formatively assess them. When planning this activity I think it would be key to make sure the games represented the objective appropriately. As a teacher I would want to make sure each game had a strong connection t...

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... even be expanded into the community as a fundraiser for the soup kitchen. People could purchase the books as a donation to the kitchen.
This activity is a great way to get people involved in their community. One thing I believe would be important prior to the visit, would be a class discussion on confidentiality. This would be important since they would be interacting with people in the community with whom they may see again. I also think before visiting the kitchen you would need to do background research about the students in your class. You should make sure that none of your students or their families attend the soup kitchen.
Before reflecting on this case study, I didn’t realize the possibilities this activity had to teach across the curriculum. Once I started explaining how I would expand this activity, I realized it has endless amounts of opportunity.

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