Importance Of Social Responsibility As A Teacher

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Social Responsibility Essay As a teacher, social responsibility is very important. It is our job, as teacher 's, to provide a nurturing, welcoming and safe learning environment for all students. It is very important that as teachers, we take very seriously the influence that we have with our students. A teacher has the power to influence their students’ conversations, their thinking and even where they set their standards for themselves. Our students need to know that their dreams do not stop at the classroom door. It is our job to instill the confidence in them to reach for the stars and accomplish their goals. As teachers, we need to build our students skills, so they will be successful next grade level. This is something that I do not, and no one for that matter, should take lightly. Our student’s future is in our hands. Therefore, it is very important for us to our very best in reaching every…show more content…
As a teacher, we are role models for our students. We are the model of honesty, behavior, and standards and morals. We spend so much time with our students. Therefore, it is important that we act as they should act. When it comes to academics, a teacher’s job is to make the students knowledgeable of their integrity. Therefore, as an elementary school teacher, we will talk about being honest, not lying, and even cheating. We will talk about what value means and the things that we value in our self and in others. Being a Christian in a secular will be challenging. However, we can still model Christ and all that He stands for without preaching it to them. Being a competent teacher means maintaining a clear understanding of what my job is, as a teacher, and the fact that I need to perform my job well. Therefore, this would include being up to with the proper and up to date training. Being competent ensures that all students receive the best education they can from us, as their

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