A Sunday Afternoon on the Island La Grande Jatte created by Georges Pierre-Seurat

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island La Grande Jatte created by Georges Pierre-Seurat

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A Sunday Afternoon on the Island La Grande Jatte by Georges Pierre- Seurat
A Sunday Afternoon on the Island La Grande Jatte created by Georges Pierre-Seurat is a frozen in action painting of a normal day of the wealthy Parisian life along the river Seine in Paris, France. Seurat designed this art piece in 1886 to show the wealthy Parisian life styles in a public park. Georges and his artwork were not well known until after he passed away. Seurat was very different from all the other famous artists in the 1880’s. His artwork, the technique he used and the reaction from the people differed from an artist like Camille Pissarro.
Georges Pierre-Seurat was born December 2, 1859 in Paris, France. He grew up with his brother, Emile, and his sister, Marie-Berthe. His mother, Ernestine (Faivre), came from a wealthy family while his father, Antoine-Chrysostome Seurat was a lawyer. Seurat began attending a local art school in 1875. He was taught by the sculptor Justin Lequien. From 1878 through 1879, Georges Seurat was enrolled at the famous Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Besides Lequien, “he studied under the artist Henri Lehmann as well” (A+E Networks). Seurat visited the Forth Impressionist Exhibition and was inspired by the Impressionist painters. “The little group of neo-impressionists was soon augmented by new adherents in France and also in Belgium where the exhibition of the Vingt had made the work of Seurat widely known among artists” (Questia). He was also fascinated by the science behind art. He also wanted to show off his talent and the technique he used which was very unusual. He used a technique known as pointillism, or divisionism. Seurat was very different from other artists and he showed his personality through his art...

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...nday Afternoon on the Island La Grande Jatte composed by Georges Pierre- Seurat in 1886 motivated many famous artists, such as van Gogh, Pissarro, and Monet to show their personalities through their works and create what speaks to them, just as Seurat did.

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