Essay on A Study Of Critical Race Theory

Essay on A Study Of Critical Race Theory

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Hello ladies and gentlemen. First I would like to thank Florida Atlantic University for allow me to speak today. It is with great honor that I stand before you to discuss such pressing matter that effect each and one of our lives. My speech today is something I have already covered in the pass yet it is still relevant today. As a State Senator I have spent most of my time to develop and build on the study of Critical Race Theory (CRT). CRT is a topic that is not discuss enough in our race related issues that faced us today, which I believe is the root cause of social disorganization and influence directly or indirectly all other theories mention. My first question is who can benefit from the oppression of another racial group? These crime theories are not theories, but more crime practices. Meaning that these problem that plague predominately black neighborhoods and other minority groups are not by chance or some unknown phenomena but deliberate direct actions taken by the predominately ruling class, which in most cases are whites. We can literally date from slavery up until modern times where whites have time and time again oppressed, beat, poisoned, neglected, and conspired against mainly blacks and other minority groups. , African Americans have gone through centuries of oppression such as slavery, black codes, Jim Crow, segregation, red ling etc. What is most disturbing about these facts are that they were put in place by government officials and enforced by police officers. Africans have been the targets of mistreatment and abuse by the police. For example, the War on Drugs, According to We Are the Drug Policy Alliance “Higher arrest and incarceration rates for African Americans and Latinos are not reflective of increased ...

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...ancially egalitarian, society. It also boosts’ and makes a the middle class larger by increasing benefits thus helping the economy by enabling more people to be consumers, while providing equal opportunities for individuals to reach a better standard of living.) A truly fair society would be organized in a manner benefiting the least advantaged, and any inequality would be permissible only to the extent that it benefits the least advantaged. This bill would eliminate the social monopoly whites have in America and provide a check and balance in certain aspect of government power. Before you completely disagree with this bill this leads me to my second question, who has been the main aggressor to minorities? Third, Who is a bigger threat, the ones who are manipulated to live in poor conditions and act out in criminal ways or the ones who causes social disorganization?

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