A Space Vessel Slowly Through The Void Of Space Essay

A Space Vessel Slowly Through The Void Of Space Essay

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A space vessel slowly drifts through the void of space, it 's purpose seemingly fulfilled millions of years earlier.

On a small, seemingly insignificant blue and green world, members of the species that thinks it is the planet 's dominant life-form are about to activate an experimental device designed to give the world free energy. The device activates, microscopic portals open in the containment field, each portal opening to a distant star, siphoning less than a fraction of a fraction of the stars energy, converting it into free Earthbound energy for human use. Suddenly an alert sounds. The portals are siphoning off too much energy too quickly as they begin to grow larger. Unable to shut down the device, the scientists flee. Only a few minutes pass in the empty room before the portals and the machine shut off, the gathered energy erupting from the containment chamber in a large, vaguely humanoid, form. What appears to be a head looks around, then up, and the energy explodes upwards, tearing through 42 floors of concrete and steel before being free of the underground facility and flying into orbit. Needing a place to coalesce, the energy infects the International Space Station, transforming one of humanity 's greatest achievements into a fortress of darkness.

In deep space, ancient systems flicker on as the space vessel returns to life, its very sensitive long range sensors detecting a return of an evil force that was once defeated, destroyed, and scattered among the stars long, long ago. Operating on automatic programming, the ship 's Slide Engine activates and space begins to fold around it. Soon near the Earth, on the dark side of the moon, sub-routines activate and the ship scans the nearby planet for suitable...

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...ing the ship the stairway is always descended, while returning to the ship is always an ascension.

The ship is protected by a powerful energy barrier system, and while hesitant to do so, it has a vast assortment of weaponry to defend itself with. The ship also has a very limited teleportation system, which only works on non-living objects. This system allows the Rangers ' weapons, armour, vehicles, and zords to be teleported from the ship to the planet below at the Rangers ' call.

The ship is self-sustaining, drawing ambient cosmic energy into its Quantum Drive Engines to maintain power. It has automated repair and maintenance systems. It provides oxygen to its crew via a combination of oxygen-scrubbers for recycling air and a garden-forest contained within the ship producing oxygen. The garden-forest also provides all the nutritional needs of its Rangers.

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