Essay on A Sip About Women

Essay on A Sip About Women

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A Sip about Women
Scene: While sitting down at the local coffee shop, I see King Shahryar and Kreon join Sir Gawain at his table. After the waitress takes their order, King Shahryar starts a huge discussion about women that Sir Gawain and Kreon joins in.
Sir Gawain: Hello Kings. Since the tables are full, please join me here at my table.
Kreon: Yes, we shall join you.
(Waitress walks up, takes their orders, and walks away. King Shahryar’s eyes follow the waitress as she leaves.)
King Shahryar: I believe she will be become my next wife for the night.
Sir Gawain: Why do you treat women that way? As people of the noble society, shouldn’t you have a code to treat women with the courtesy. Women should be respected and taken care.
King Shahryar: (Scoffs) How do you get that women should be taken care of. If you take care of a woman and supply them with their needs, they will only go against you. Women are lying cheaters. You should never trust a woman. They are unfaithful. I help the world by killing all my wives after one night.
Kreon: He truly does. It is a woman’s fault if she made the choice to marry him knowing what he has done to his past brides. If they had any intelligence at all and was not swayed by sexual desire, then they would not fall into this fate.
Sir Gawain: Sirs, how can you think that? I know, King Shahryar, that your wife cheated on you, but why do you judge the rest of the women on this one bad experience? You should show chivalry to women. It is our responsibility as men to make sure they have all their needs met.
King Shahryar: Stop right there Sir Gawain. It was not just my wife that I have seen lying and cheating. My brother’s wife did the same thing to him. She slept with cook. All my brother has provided ...

... middle of paper ...

King Shahryar: What women believe is a need is the problem. Women believe they cannot be satisfied by one man, so they cheat on you. Not one single man can take care of a woman’s need; therefore, we should not even try. We should worry about our needs. I am telling you both do not trust women. Your best choice is to marry a new woman every night and after having sex, kill them.
Sir Gawain: Sirs, I am sorry, but I cannot listen to your degrative views on women. I know as a knight I need to treat women politely.
Creon: I must also leave to make some royal declares. I want you to remember that all women are below you and should not be making any decisions.
(Sir Gawain nods.)
King Shahryar: Yes, I also must go. As you go remember, all women are liars and cheaters. They are untrustworthy human beings.
( Sir Gawain, Creon, and King Shahryar leaves the coffee shop.)

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