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IGT is very particular of its brand image and sometimes ignores the value of building strong relationships with clients and prospects. The company is a high performance firm but if focuses on relationship building with others especially externally, it will help IGT to get more business and generate high revenue.
3) Collaborate for success – The third skill of a self-leader is to collaborate for success. This is where self-leaders take the initiative to get the direction and support they need to achieve their goals. Collaborate for success is where self-leaders take the initiative to get direction and support to achieve their goal. Self-leaders should diagnose their problems on their own.
I was working with IGT, I had an opportunity to apply for a senior level position. My manager always used to take ownership to help us grow. He wanted to make sure that I am ready for my interview with HR. He focused more on process related interview questions. I needed more practice on situational based questions. I never mentioned it to him so he never knew. A self-leader discusses his problems with his/her leader so that the problems can be rectified. I didn’t mention these to him, therefore I failed the interview. I believe, I should have mentioned my problems to him, so that we could have focused on situation based questions more.

I feel that IGT should emphasize on self-leadership style. This will help employees like me to grow faster. Situational leadership style does not work always.
Me: Can you talk about the important qualities a leader must possess that makes others trust and follow him?
VP-Marketing: Yes absolutely, I strongly believe that a leader must possess certain essential traits. They are:
• Self-Confidence and emotional s...

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...nderstand employees’ challenges if there are any and provide support accordingly.
Me: How is this model helping IGT for its success?
VP-Customer Service: This model has helped us become a high-performing organization. The company’s vision, mission and strategy is highly synched with the goals of these self-managed teams. The nature of this model of team leadership helps us cutting the layers of management which is definitely a win – win for organization and for employees. Not having too many layers helps employees to feel free and it helps IGT in cost-cutting. Most importantly, most of our projects require teams to be available in clients’ offices and work from there. Self-managed teams are great fit for that.
In my opinion, IGT is headed in the right direction by applying self-managed leadership style. This suits to organization and is contributing to its success.

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