A Rose For Emily And Schizophrenia Essay

A Rose For Emily And Schizophrenia Essay

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“A Rose for Emily” and “Schizophrenia”
William Faulkner, an American writer born into a family that was affected by the Civil War, was well recognized for his emphasis on social issues. In a “A Rose for Emily,” Faulkner presents the darkness and mystery of Emily Grierson’s life, and her social and political issues. In the other hand, “Schizophrenia,” poem written by Jim Stevens, presents the obscurity inside a person’s mind that suffers an incurable disease. Although “A Rose for Emily” and “Schizophrenia” have different themes and setting, they share several similarities. In both, the protagonist has an unstable behavior that causes pain and misery to themselves and people around them. In addition, the protagonists have a selfish conduct and do not want to assume that their behavior affect the way they interact with the society. Moreover, in both stories the house plays an important role in adding a great meaning to the text.
In “A Rose for Emily,” the house portraits an enigma that hides the reality behind it. In “Schizophrenia,” the author uses symbolism to personify the house. Although both stories have similarities, they have notorious differences that make them special. “A Rose for Emily” depicts death, murder, economic disadvantage, political issues, social change, and women’s struggle in society. In the other hand, “Schizophrenia” depicts the struggle of a person with mental illness regardless gender, age, or social status. From a different perspective, “Schizophrenia” may also be a representation of a relationship that is unstable and harmful. The negativity of love and relationship may be a common theme in both stories.
In a “A Rose for Emily” setting is a key to understand the meaning of the story. The place and moment...

... middle of paper ...

... funeral just because they were interested in uncovering the secrets from the mystery house. In “Schizophrenia”, house plays the role of protagonist. As readers we are not provided with specific details about the main character which makes the poem easier for readers to relate to this poem. The house is used to describe the suffering of people close to a person with mental illness. “It was the house that suffered most.” (Stevens 657) Houses are incapable of feeling love or pain; however, the author utilizes the house to appeal to our physical senses. Stevens’s technique of using imagery to represent all the disgrace and misery adds a deeper meaning to this poem. The tormented house depicts the chaos occurring inside the person’s mind. The house may also represent a witness of the violent relationship between two people that are not able to respect each other anymore.

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