A Review of Stephanie Meyer's Novel,Twilight Essay example

A Review of Stephanie Meyer's Novel,Twilight Essay example

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What is a best seller? A best seller starts as an ordinary book written by an author which is later published by an editor. With the help of efficient sales from consumers and reviews from critics, plays a role in facilitatiing the book receiving the possession of the best seller title. Word of mouth, author’s reputation and young adult romance contribute to the popularity novel Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.
One of the reasons this novel was a best seller was because it was referred by using the word of mouth method. “The book is good and so appealing that people will tell their friends about it” (Glossbrenner 1). The word of mouth method has not only people aware of the book but at the same time induce them to pick up this novel today and read it. “I am only not reading it at the moment; I am getting some of my friends hooked on it too” (Aviles). The book is so popular that multiple readers are connected by reading the novel at the same time. Other readers have mentioned or referred the book to their friends, and families to join the Twilight connection.
“Meyers is the best writer in the history of books, which I fell in love with the first book The Host and still cannot stop obsessing over waiting for the next book” (Chihero). Meyers’ reputation had started from her first book which is the reason to why readers took upon reading her latest novel Twilight. Another reason Twilight by Stephenie Meyers has been a great seller because it received splendid reviews. Meyers has shown yet again that her books cannot be compared to any author. Just as the novel Twilight became a best seller because of word of mouth, it also became known due to the author’s reputation.
Another reason Twilight by Stephenie Meyers was a best seller was b...

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