A Research Study On Preconception Care Services Essay

A Research Study On Preconception Care Services Essay

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To actively promote reproductive health services and birth outcomes, Preconception Care Services Policy was issued in 2007 as the first national-level policy that employed the concept of preconception health in China (Liu, 2010). With this development, the health condition of a couple between their marriage and pregnancy was recognized as the preconception health in China, which is beyond the previous notion of premarital health. As the construction of preconception healthcare is relatively new, China has an urgent need for further legislation and implementation of preconception care.
Through interviewing 40 senior health practitioners, and 40 women of childbearing age, Zhou et al. (2010) investigated some critical blocks preventing preconception healthcare services from being perceived and utilized. First, the premarital medical examination policy has been practiced all the time in China. Although it is helpful in assessing couples’ health conditions, taking the long period between one’s marriage and pregnancy into consideration, the premarital medical examination does not work as effectively as the preconception care does for a better birth outcome. The premarital medical examination policy shifts people’s attentions from preconception health to premarital health. Second, men and women of childbearing age in Mainland China are holding low levels of knowledge and awareness regarding to preconception healthcare.
The research by Zhou et al. (2010) also showed that 27 in 40 women respondents of childbearing age had no idea of preconception care, while other 13 respondents simply equate it with the premarital medical examination. Third, the systematic preconception healthcare services including scre...

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...that knowledge is the premise of behavior changes, the domain of preconception health could be an appropriate extension of the HBM.
Accordingly, using the HBM as a theoretical, evidence-based framework, the present study assesses study participants’ beliefs and attitudes through several variables, including (a) susceptibility of reproductive problems; (b) severity of adverse birth outcomes; (c) barriers to accessing and carrying out preconception care; (d) benefits of preconception care; (e) self-efficacy in preventing an adverse birth outcome; and (f) motivational cues to action for preconception care. Figure 1 depicts the detailed relationships among constructs in the conceptual framework of the present study and their relationship with the likelihood of adopting the preconception care. It is the application of the modified HBM built by Champion and Skinner (2008).

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