A Research Project On The World Bank Essay

A Research Project On The World Bank Essay

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Recently the World Bank funded an effort in Ethiopia to help increase investments in their infrastructure. In May of 2015, $370,000,000 was committed to fund The Ethiopia Expressway Development Support Project. Reuters noted the project as a risky one. About a quarters way through the project, the World Bank admitted that something went very wrong. Many people were driven from their homelands by force as a result of the project. The World Bank advocates "Working for a World Free of Poverty". Reuters, however, reports that in this project the World Bank admits that to being flawed in its efforts. Monitoring and accountability measures were not met to insure that the people in the path of the construction of the highways How did 70,000 people become dislocated? The answer not quite simple. The project 's efforts were intended to help eliminate the extreme poverty plaguing Ethiopia by developing roads, dams, and increasing investment but something else happened people were forced to move in a hurry and with meager compensation.

Worldbank.org boast of the remarkable progress made in Ethopia versus other Sub-Saharan African countries. Over the last 10 years there has been a average growth or almost 11% of their Gross Domestic Product. Agriculture and and Infrastructure were noted to be the driving force. The government of Ethiopia borrowed monies at the leadership of Tesfamichael Nahusenay Mitiku so that the Ethiopian Roads Authority could develop the Rural and Inter-Urban roads and highways. This project was expected to last about six years. The World Bank noted it progress on this project on their website as Satisfactory but on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 World Bank President Jim Yong Kim admitted shortcomings and...

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...o would create when building a highway. It was very irresponsible not to do so.

I believe that it 's is possible to ensure that human lives are considered in projects such as these. It contradictory that they were not given an alternate living plan that they agreed upon within reason that provided similar or better conditions that they were giving up their livelihood for. It is a sacrifice to leave one 's home and sacrifices should be compensated. If the World Bank was not able to fully fund this project with consideration to the people that it effects then the project should have been put on hold until proper funding and accommodations were met. I believe that the World Bank Organizations should have been able to make an unbiased decision on this project but I dare this that a lending organization can because of their financial interest in the project.

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