Essay on A Report On The Bandidos Motorcycle Gang

Essay on A Report On The Bandidos Motorcycle Gang

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The Bandidos motorcycle gang has had a decades-long stranglehold on supremacy in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This gang has becoming an increased threat not only to Albuquerque, but the nation. Here in the five years I have lived here, there have been many issues with the Bandidos. Shootouts have occurred because other motorcycle gangs like the Vagos are threatening their turf. One member got shot like two years ago and the city was chaos because of threats and biker gangs came from all over for revenge. Could not really find out how one can be recruited into the Bandidos. Stealing bikes is a very well-known criminal activity they commit. Transporting and distribution of illicit drugs is primary source of income (Proctor, 2013). They do a majority of the cross-border smuggling operations with international drug trafficking organizations (Shusta, 2011, p.438).
Crips are another gang here in Albuquerque. They are a national gang. Of course, the gang is not as big here as where it originated in California. However, it is considered to be one of the largest gangs in the United States. That I do remember from gang class. Also, to be accepted into the gang, one must take a beating from members. This gang is known for violence and they do not hesitate to use extreme actions when protecting their turf against rivals or the police. They are big with the selling and distribution of crack cocaine, PCP along with other drugs. Other activities would be armed robberies, auto theft, assault and murder (Cruz, 2015).
Gang activity has increased greatly. New Mexico does not have enhanced drug laws so many gangs have moved to Albuquerque, there is now about three hundred in and around the area. The drug distribution of illicit drugs is main source of i...

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...orated into their contract. Services offered are case management, mediation, innovative focus groups, presentations, collaboration with other youth service organizations, and attendance at court hearings” (Stop ABQ Gangs, n.d.).
Setting up anonymous tip line for gang activity to be reported in any city should be beneficial as Albuquerque has done. There is also, a that lets you report activity anonymously. The website gives you all the information about what gangs are in Albuquerque, what is being done, what you can do, what is being done for youth. It is very educational for the individuals needing to see what tattoo belongs to what gang, just the who is who in your neighborhood. Making their presence known and the community aware of what these gangs are doing will hopefully at least get them involved even if it is anonymous (Stop ABQ Gangs, n.d.).

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