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There are many ways to observe a photo. In a literal sense, this photo is of a seventeen year-old young man who got attacked while being a part of the March on Birmingham of 1963. This photo was taken on May 3, 1963 at 16th St and 6th Ave North. This image captured the African-Americans, who were marching peacefully for equality, being stopped and harassed. At the time, white people still saw blacks as less and when black people attempted to be equal it came as disrespect causing many white officers to do just as these do in the image. Rather than only speaking about this photo in a literal sense, I see much more in this significant moment.
When I look at this picture I see more than just a man getting attacked by dogs controlled by the police. I see a people, a race, strong and proud. I see this man standing up for what he believes is right. This picture comes from the March on Birmingham, Alabama in 1963. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I believe this is worth more. There are so many more tales to tell about this image. At a glance it’s just another piece of history, but I see a man standing tall, fighting for his rights as an American citizen. He fights for the past, present and, future. Even though he is protesting peacefully, the picture shows that through the officer’s arm reaching out aggresively and the dog pouncing to attack, he is assaulted as if he is a criminal.
As well as a man being attacked, when I look at this picutre I feel the outrage of millions of African Americans. I feel the pain of my ancestors who were enslaved and fought for their freedom for hundreds of years. This picture tells the tale of all the years of oppression. I see what could have been the fate of my parents if not for their...

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...hat there are more than just one race and that some races are superior to others. This ideology grew and festered like a virus through the world and time. This picture is the product of that virus, and it is still around to this day. Racism and prejudice is well and alive, no matter how hard my people fought for that to change, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a possibility that it will never be that way. There’s a saying that people die, but ideas don’t. As long as that idea that some races are inferior to another exists, racism and prejudice can never end. We can be progressive for the next one hundred years, but not everyone will change. For society to progress as a whole, more than just a change of laws or polices needs to occur. People have to change, people can learn from this photo. Once they see deeper into things such as this real change can happen.

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