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Dimensionality of space as well as bestowing their blessings onto the people that come and see the chasse.
The bottom part of the front depicts the scene of Christ’s execution. Christ is shown crucified on a pale green cross with Virgin Mary on his right side and John the Evangelist on his left. The use of a pale green instead of bright green resembles the sorrow and grief that people felt after the execution of Christ. On either side there are two saints engraved within a vermicular border however, their identity is not known. The faces of the figures are in bas-relief style that means they are projected outwards from the surface however; the background is only marginally lower than the sculpted faces. The purpose of the sculpted faces was to draw the attention of people towards them and signifies the relation between the people and God. It compels people to look at sculpted faces and feel the pain and sorrow the Christ had to undergo during the execution. The unknown saint on the right and Virgin Mary is looking in the direction of Christ with their heads bowed down, while the unknown saint on the left and John is looking outwards towards the people also with their heads bowed down. The bowing of the heads indicate the sorrow and mourning they felt because of the execution of Christ.
The unknown saints are also elevated in position compared to Mary and John. The body is fairly elongated compared to the size of the face, which gives the figures an odd proportion. There seems to be no structure to the bodies as they are hidden behind the cloth covering them and only Christ’s legs are exposed while the others are completely covered. Putting less emphasis on the bodies of the figures implies that the creators wanted people to ...

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...increase in people on pilgrimage routes led to an increase in demands of these chasses, which held sacred relics from saints that helped unite people to God and seek blessings from the ultimate creator. This spiritually brought people closer to God. The intricate designs and use of enamel to such perfection that allows it be preserved till this day displays the expertise and skills of the craftsmen that developed these holy containers. The purpose of the usage of precious stones and expensive materials like gold was to show the prominence of the relics as well as to attract people towards it. There is less emphasis on the structures of the figures and more importance to the religious teaching the craftsmen try to convey through their artwork; is comparable to medieval art that had a larger focus on religion rather then well defined figures like Roman or Aegean Art.

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