A New Standard Of The Labor Force Essay

A New Standard Of The Labor Force Essay

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From the time we are small children we are taught the importance and reminded of various clichés such as sharing is caring. This sentiment poses the question of whether or not sharing in the best practice for the future of the economy. Past labor practices appear outdated in competition with the growth of the gig economy and a new emphasis on job sharing and a huge growth in independent contracting. Hence, the gig economy, in which temporary employment is the norm and the ratio of independent contractors to employees changes drastically, will become the new standard of the labor force. While the future of labor currently lies in the gig economy, this labor structure may not be as advantageous for employer and employees as they believe and would actually be harmful to our workplace.
For over a century employees have fought for better working conditions and made a lot of progress in many areas, but with the rise of the gig economy, the ability of an employee to manage their own work may change greatly. David Rolf argues that this change is a “transformation that promises new efficiencies and greater flexibility for ‘employers’ and ‘employees’ alike.” Various successful companies such as Apple, Uber, Airbnb, and more have really started utilizing this type of workforce with great success. This sharing revolution promises workers more flexibility in how they want to build their career for the business class and working class alike. This growth of the gig economy also emphasizes on piece meal competition, which allows workers to be more productive in their day, while also making money on any of their completed tasks. The largest downfall of such a labor system, however, is the lack of labor law application as well as benefits.
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...sourcing work to independent contractors rather than paying employees. Lawyers working in the shared economy note that while they may make more money for each case, there could be extended periods of time in between cases and because they are only paid per case they never have anything to fall back on. These circumstances may leave workers waiting months in between paychecks and would ultimately force more people into the welfare system.
People have wrongful put faith in the great future of labor in the gig economy. While this labor structure has some advantages such as great flexibility, the structure as a whole is not solely advantageous to employers nor employees. In many ways, the gig economy is harmful to the structure of United States labor and all the progress of protection for employees. Therefore, for the future of our workforce, maybe sharing is not caring.

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