Essay on A Mule for a Drug Cartel in Venuezuela

Essay on A Mule for a Drug Cartel in Venuezuela

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John Doe at 33 years old was a mule for a drug cartel in Venezuela. He had the choice of carrying seven kilos into Canada or his family killed. In order for the process to go smoothly he destroyed any identification and went through his plan. He told the Canadian Immigration that he was an illegal immigrant and had to be deported immediately back to his country, but with complications the government wanted a background check on him and released him. The next day he continued and tried delivering the drugs in the down town area, however he got caught. Polices were lacking evidence to have him turned in so they charged him with “trafficking.” The charge became more serious when he proposed he never used drugs himself and that his family would be safe if he carried the drugs. During that time he was in the country for over four months..

The police would have been the first to contact John Doe. They knew what he had done, and the next day he was caught lurking in the downtown area trafficking again but the police were unable to arrest him at first attempt not having evidence however came up with a serious charge with possession for the purpose of trafficking. Upon arresting him, they would have to note themselves as police officers, inform John Doe that he is under arrest, tell him what he is under arrest for and present the warrant (if one was found) touch him to show that he is in custody, and lastly advise him of the charter of rights. The police would conduct a search, which would be connected to the warrants that had to be lawful and reasonable in account for the crime committed. After the search they would have found the possession of illicit drugs, even though it was under the impression of a specific intent. He would ha...

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...and the border is very firm on whom to let in. Even if John Doe’s family did not get threatened I would believe he would still deliver the drugs and his sentence in jail will make him learn he shouldn’t be gullible or entitled to risk his own life as well as his family just the sake of earning any money. Justice system in Canada is to protect the victim, John Doe may view the justice system as unfair but he knows just as much that drug trafficking any illicit drugs would have big penalties, so the illegal immigrant act does not cut it. I hope John Doe learnt his lesson from the drug trafficking industry because it will stick with him for a long time rotting in prison. The main concept of criminal law is to protect the people and any property and preserve the standards of society without chaos occurring. Without the criminal law our society would be truly uproar.

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