Effects Of Smuggling And Trafficking Essay

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“Smuggling and Trafficking “A real life Issue

With today’s growing world, more and more people want to enter the United States because it’s the “Land of the Free” and opportunities are endless. Unfortunately, there have been an influx of people being smuggled or trafficked into the States illegally. This is a major issue occurring along our borders and major seaports. The government is working on effective ways to help stop this stampede of illegal immigrants from entering the country. This is a local, national and international problem. Penalties for these crimes can be severe. When caught, the smuggler or trafficker is locked up. The justice system makes the decision to deport or
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They think that leaving these countries will allow them to have a better life in the States. In many instances, these people have to pay someone in their country to smuggle them to the States which can be very expensive. After they cross the border, they seek work (under the table without paying taxes) and try to blend into the background. If they are caught, Immigration and Homeland Security step in and decide what to do with these illegal immigrants. This could mean asylum, new identity or even deportation. People who are trafficked are coming here against their will and are being forced to work for their freedom. They may have been told that they will receive asylum, a good job or even a home. However, once arrived in the promise land, they find themselves forced into some sort of forced labor, or even worse, prostitution. The major issue with trafficking and saving the individuals is that it’s a closed underground network which is hard to…show more content…
Smugglers and their clients, once caught, will be locked up sent back to their country of origin. The problem with the deportation of illegals in most cases is that they try to re-enter the States again within just days. When this happens the whole process starts again. This is taxing on the amount of manpower we have guarding our borders. Trafficking requires the people who have been caught to be turned over to immigration and deported as soon as possible. However, in the year 2000 Congress passed the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (“Human Smuggling and Trafficking” Schmallerer, 2012, P609). This law allows US immigration to protect the victims from deportation trough a T visa (Schmallerer, 2012,
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