Essay about A Modern Alternative to Textbooks

Essay about A Modern Alternative to Textbooks

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The U.S. spends over 7 billion dollars on textbooks a year, and in many cases, those textbooks are out of date(“The Future of Education: Tablets vs. Textbooks” online). Schools have been using textbooks for as long as anyone can remember. In fact, some textbooks were found from as early as the 16th century(Goslin online). With the many new developments in technology, it’s time for a change. Schools should store away those heavy textbooks and make the switch to electronic tablets. Tablets would have many advantages over traditional textbooks; they provide a more enjoyable learning experience for students, they help students perform better in school, they would be more portable and they’re cheaper than regular textbooks.
Using tablets in the classroom would make for a more engaging and enjoyable learning experience for students. Students want to use the latest and greatest technology that there is out there. This fact is also statistically proven; a survey shows that 71% of students would like to stop using traditional textbooks and go digital, whether it be through a tablet, a laptop or other electronic device(Lynch online). The survey also stated that 62% of students would have better studying habits if given digital textbooks. In other words, the students would be more willing to study since they enjoy using the tablets in which they are studying with. Every school wants to have happy students, so they should consider putting away traditional paper textbooks and use electronic textbooks
Peterson 2
alternatively. Not only are tablets more entertaining for students; In addition, they also help students do better in school.
It is a statistically proven fact that tablets help students perform better in school. Alth...

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