Essay on A Memorial Is A Unique Part Of An Individual Life

Essay on A Memorial Is A Unique Part Of An Individual Life

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A memorial is a unique part of an individual life. Its purpose is to keep remembrance of a person or an event that left a mark on the world. Memorials are a symbol of a significant time in history. It is important to society since they bring history alive throughout generations. For instance, when a parent see the excitement to learn about our history in their child’s eyes, they feel a kind of indescribable joyfulness. It articulates that memorials are hold a unique place in every individual’s heart. Many people hold a strong sense of patriotism and nationalism when they examine a memorial or monument. Feeling pride on our country is a powerful feeling. Every civilian brings out a feeling of nationalism when they view the memorial or monument.
I came across many monument while researching about memorials. For example, the monuments that represent our homeland are the Statue of Liberty and Madison square Garden. Millions of people across the world travels to our homeland to view something that is so unique and special to us. It represents us the people and our nation. The Holocaust museum was one of the memorials that hold a significate time period in our nation. The basic idea of this museum is for people to visualize the suffering of the people who died in the Holocaust. This memorial highlights that hard times our people went through and how it changed our view throughout life. The memorial that really hold a unique part of our life and is the key holder of our nation is the 9/11 memorial.
The National September 11 Memorial dedicates the greatest tragedy in American history. This memorial is to remember and honor the people who were killed in attack on September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center (Reno). In less the few hou...

... middle of paper ... that so many years after the 9/11 attack, civilian still blame all the Muslims responsible for the loss of many individuals. Even after a long time since the memorial was built, there are still controversies surrounding the museum.
9/11 memorial have a huge effect on every day citizens. For example, everyone goes through a kind of pain when walking near the memorial. Sympathy runs through everyone veins for those victims and their families, when they encounter the memorial. Therefore, 9/11 memorial is an important part of our everyday lives.
Memorials are very useful to remember our nation’s history. They are the ideal tools for understanding how our cultural memory is created and how or national identity is viewed. 9/11 memorial really highlight the central identity of our nation’s history. It also give honor to those who become victims of the terrorist attack.

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