A Look at the Ileostomy Essay

A Look at the Ileostomy Essay

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An ileostomy is a surgical procedure that is necessary when disease or injury has damaged the intestinal tract to the point that the body can no longer excrete waste. Some ileostomies are short term, others are needed for a lifetime. There are many conditions that lead to the need for an ileostomy. Some of these are, Irritable bowel disease, colon or rectal cancer, injury to the area by an accident, or a condition called familial polyposis. There are three main types of ileostomies that are performed and will be determined by your physician based on your unique condition.

Types of Ileostomies

There are three main types of ileostomies.The first and most common is the Standard Ileostomy. This is a surgical procedure in which the ileum, or the small intestine, is rerouted through an opening made in the abdomen. The opening is called a Stoma. The Stoma is red in appearance and protrudes approximately one inch above the skin of the abdomen. This ileostomy requires a drainage pouch and leaves the individual fecal incontinent. The second type is called Continent Ileostomy. With this p...

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