A Little Tear Jerking, By Anthony Wayne High School Essay

A Little Tear Jerking, By Anthony Wayne High School Essay

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In some moments watching a few of the episodes included in the series, If You Really Knew Me was a little tear jerking. There are several themes present throughout. One of the themes present is forgiveness, a specific example of this was in episode “102: Anthony Wayne High School,” there were two best friends, Emily and Karlee. In the end of the episode they have forgiven each other. Bullying is a huge theme throughout each episode, in episode “102 Anthony Wayne High School” cyberbullying is a huge problem. There is even a motto, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, say it online.” It spreads fast like wild fire. There are even students who partook in Challenge Day at their school that were classified as Bullies. There was Aaron from Anthony Wayne High school and Stephanie from The Denver School of the Arts. There was a student in the Denver School of the Arts episode said that he wanted to use Challenge Day to find out why he was being bullied by the other students. Another theme was Abuse. There were some students that went through daily abuse, mainly verbal. For example, there was Brittney from episode “103: Riverside High School.” Her dad is a drug addict and verbally abused her while she lived with him. If You Really Knew Me was shot as a documentary style of film also a partial anthology. The only different items were the schools that the Challenge Day crew shot in and the students that participated in Challenge Day.
The show If You Really Knew Me was interesting and seeing teenagers reveal their private life to their peers in front of a camera was shocking, but it does not seem real. How serious can something like this be taken by teenagers? Some of them may seem true, but really how many students are doing this for t...

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... process and I believe that this decision worked in their favor. This parent/child pairing is in the Freedom High episode. The son, Roman felt that he was not making his dad proud with anything that he did. The father was revealed to be the JV assistant football coach.
As for how easy it was to find out more about the real story, personally I could not find anything outside of the bonus videos that are included on the website. Overall, it was interesting to watch, but I have experience with a program similar to this. “Rachel’s Challenge” came to my school and much like it is shown in If You Really Knew Me, the day after they came to the school, everyone was hyped up from it, but it seemed that sometimes people were using it as a joke. Then after a few months it faded out and most people forgot about it. In my opinion programs like this work for some, but not most.

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