A Leader 's Influence On Human Trafficking Essay

A Leader 's Influence On Human Trafficking Essay

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John Maxwell once said “leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.” There are many different types of leaders in this world; leaders who empower others and leaders who believe they are, but really aren’t. A leader who empowers her followers through her organizations, her books, her preaching, her teachings, and even through the way she lives her life is Christine Caine. She travels around the world preaching the Gospel as a motivational speaker, has written several books to empower Christians to pursue more of Christ and fulfill their destiny, and leads three different organizations while also being a wife and a mother to two young girls.
One of the organizations she leads is Propel Women, which celebrates “helping woman internalize a leadership identity and fulfill their purpose, passion, and potential” (www.propelwomen.org). Another organization is A21 Campaign which was created to prevent human trafficking, protect victims, partner with law enforcement and others to end human trafficking, and to prosecute traffickers (www.a21.org). And the last one she leads is called Equip and Empower Ministries which “exists to serve the local church, leaders, organizations and individuals by inspiring and helping them connect with their God-given potential and purpose” (www.equipandempower.org). We see common similarities about Christine’s leadership just in her mission statements alone; words like: leadership identity, potential, purpose, protect, prevent, serve, inspire, and help. All words that Christine Caine’s lifestyle demonstrates she lives by. She demonstrates authenticity, transformation, charisma, servanthood, and even adaptive leadership qualities.
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... her followers not only know Christine Caine is a leader, but that they themselves are true leaders. She inspires them, she pushes them outside their bubbles, she serves them, she motivates them, she doesn’t let them settle for less, she teaches them who they are and what they were meant to do, but most importantly she offers the opportunity to believe in themselves so they can actually go out and change the world for Christ the way she does on a daily basis. She gives her followers the opportunity for them themselves to be a leader by offering them the ability to blog, campaign, teach, and serve others. She is not afraid to pass the baton to a follower. We can all learn a lot about leadership by observing Christine Caine’s life it’s no wonder why Max Lucado states “God has given our generation a Paul, Mary, and Esther. And her name is Christine Caine” (Caine, 2007).

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