A Government that Has Failed to Provide Essential Needs and Conditions to Its People

A Government that Has Failed to Provide Essential Needs and Conditions to Its People

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A failed state is perceived as a state who has failed to provide essential needs, functions, conditions, and responsibilities of a sovereign government. Indication of a failed state are distinguished as a loss of power, loss of regulation and control in its own territory, corrosion of authority in decision making and resolutions, incompetence in administering national services, such as education, security, or governance, and lack in collaborating with other states as a full representative of the international community. All of these factors are disruptions that result in fractious violence and extreme poverty emanating to a failed state.
The recent fund for peace index ranks failed states. Last year in 2013, the top sixteen failed states were Somalia, Congo (D.R.), Sudan, South Sudan, Chad, Yemen, Afghanistan, Haiti, Central African Republic, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Cote d’Ivoire, Pakistan, Guinea Bissau, and Nigeria. A failed state is categorized as hapless, precarious, or intentional. An example of a hapless state is Somalia. This country is incapable of forming and executing its policy therefore is considered a collapsed state. There is no central form of government and no effective policy which governs its people. The intentional state stokes violence between a self-governed territory and its alleged foe. Pakistan is a good example in which clear and consistent policies have been maintained throughout the country; however there are ungoverned regions in the Pashtun badlands along the Afghanistan border. A source states “the country's military leaders have made a strategic choice to allow the Pashtuns to govern themselves there, the better to be able to use them against their alleged adversaries”. The region has been known ...

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...hod approach advocating a guaranteed assurance by power-sharing compliances among competing groups within failed states. The United States and the United Nations seem convinced that international peace and security depend on the exclusionary presence of existence in the independent states capable of controlling their territories, policing their society, and acquitting their global obligation. Failed states generate negative externalities within the international system by impairing and abusing their own national population, or by permitting terrorist, corrupt criminal ventures operating on their country soil. Interventions in the interest of malfunctioning states disparage from the fundamental sovereignty, these interference may advance the significance border concerns using the nation states as the constructing unit in organizing international affairs and law.

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