Essay about A Good Ethics And Attitude Towards The Healthcare System

Essay about A Good Ethics And Attitude Towards The Healthcare System

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John Hutton a Politician (2010) once said “For too long nurses have been undervalued, restricted in what they could do, with too few career opportunities in clinical practice….”, the two acts came after this was said. Having good ethics and attitude towards the Healthcare system will have a better result in the care field also it is positive point and can become a negative. This will affect people and the Healthcare Services and Practice; they have changed for the better and will continue to change.
There are many Acts and Legislations in the UK but the Health and Social Care Act 2012 is significant for the NHS with the new reformed structure of the funding. In the past NHS have had trouble with funding and the new reformed act would introduce new boards and sectors that will be able to fund better as well as save money for the NHS. A stronger voice for patients, centred care – “No decision about me without me” giving more choice to decide on which GP, hospital they require, these are the impacts on NHS.
The Department of Health state (2012) “Improve quality and choice of care for patients, and increase transparency for taxpayers” improving the quality of service provided, having more options for the patients regarding their health; this act is to promote and protect patients.
Current legislation and policy guidelines demonstrates six key factors which are: encouraging and securing patient’s interest be a clear focus, a good system which is suitable for all types of provider, a planned framework that is underpinned by secondary legislation, the secretary of state keeps all accountability and powers to become involved when necessary, sorting out existing regular structure and to reduce repetition moreover the care quality commissio...

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...previous mistakes and deliver also improve their standards of care given to patients.
Reflection is a good technique to use as it holds information and it is a good way of getting hold of understanding, in the areas that need to be improved. This may affect anyone’s self-esteem due to the negative feedback however in Healthcare there will be negative points as to positive. Schon (1983) said “The capacity to reflect on an action so as to engage in a process of continuous learning”, an important saying it is a good model on how they learnt from their experience and performed better.
In conclusion the policies and laws for the health care system are working and through reflective practice, they learn plus go further from the mistakes, having good values, attitude and skill will build these two acts to be successful furthermore have better health care system in the UK.

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