A Glimpse into the Life of Japanese Women Essay

A Glimpse into the Life of Japanese Women Essay

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It is no doubt that Winnifred Eaton; the author of “A Half Caste” is a genius when it comes to using literary masquerade in relation to her treatment of Japanese women and mixed race. She is Otono Watanna in disguise. Through her pen name, she was able to shed light on issues relating to the Japanese race, or more specifically, the Japanese Caucasian persons. Watanna has successfully raised the representation of the Japanese women as being submissive under the men authority, Western or Asiatic. Watanna portrayed this image through the interaction between the half-caste Japanese women and Western characters. This view is demonstrated through her fictional prose of “A Half Caste,” “A Contract,” and her nonfiction work “The Half Caste.”

Watanna’s self-fashioning examines the reasons of submissiveness based on the relationship between Japanese women and Western men. Most people would agree with the depiction that women of the Japanese culture are weak due to their submission to the male figures. One can relate to this based on the upbringing of Japanese women. Often time, they are given very little authority during their lifespan. As a child, they are being controlled under their parents’ dictatorship. By the time they grow become adults, their freedom and liberty is still limited, to say the least. Furthermore, bigotry is also imposed upon the half-caste race by society. If there is any matter that the Japanese are against, it would be the existence and presence of the half-caste, which is a race, mixed of Japanese and Caucasian blood. Okikusan is a half Japanese, half European geisha girl in “A Half Caste.” There is an “unreasonable dislike” that Okikusan has developed for foreigners. This is can be easily explained through the t...

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...e” talks about the sad reality of being classified in the mixed race of Japanese and Caucasian. Those who fall under this category habitually encounter discrimination and unjust treatment from society. They are alienated from the community because they are said to look and act abnormal. It is arguable that Japanese women tend to submit to others due to the lack of lawful protection. Furthermore, they lack the care and love of others. Thus, it is easier to abide by the rules than to resist. The description of the “half breed” claim that the half Japanese, half European falls into one extreme or the other, either cynics or geniuses. If this binary opposition applies to all, it would be fair to assume that they are either very obedience or very heartless. For the most part, the majority of the Japanese women find it easier to get through the hardship of life in general.

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