Essay about A Critique: Web-based Orientation Materials and Information Processing

Essay about A Critique: Web-based Orientation Materials and Information Processing

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Critique of Web-based Orientation Materials
Based on the information that is known about orientation material as well as web-based training materials, I will now critique this platform and how it enhances or takes away from the processing of messages. This next section will look at five key areas: (1) the cost savings compared to traditional training, (2) the technology gap for those individuals that potentially lack in computer skills, (3) the users ability to work at an individual pace, (4) the engagement element of visual communication, and (5) over all processing of information in a web-based platform.
Cost Effective
To compare the cost of traditional orientation cost to web-based learn materials, Ward, et al. (2001) suggests that it is much more cost effective to produce web-based training materials rather than classroom styled materials. Cost savings do not just result from saving at the printer, but also in training instructors and the cost of staff (Ward, et al. 2001). Although, one must take into consideration the cost of developing the training materials – programs to purchase and staff to develop the content and design the training features. Scholar, Mitchell and Savill-Smith (2004) in a book concerning computer-base video games geared for learning, state “in training and educational settings it is suggested that they can reduce training time and instructor load, for example affording opportunities for drill and practice” Prior to transitioning to a web-based platform the organization must taken into consideration the cost and benefits of a given program.
User knowledge
Unfortunately, there are some negative aspects to web-based orientation. Harrell and Decker (2007) examined the success of library orientation ...

... middle of paper ...

...basic IT skills training. MIS quarterly, 25 (4), pp. 401-426.
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