A Comparison of Sexual Predators Essay

A Comparison of Sexual Predators Essay

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Although the definition of rape might be concise, the crime itself can be extremely variable depending on the situation and predator. It was once widely conceived that rape and other sexual crimes where primarily lust motivated. Recent information, however, suggests that stimulus can be as multi-faceted as the perpetrator themselves. Discrepancies in such facets as motivation and opportunity are variations that can limit the profiling and apprehension of sexual criminals.
One of the most common dissimilarities amongst rape criminals is the likelihood for re-offense. There are many different driving factors for sexual abusers in general, but this topic can be further expanded upon through the classification of serial rapists and single-victim assailants. Being of these two categories has a high effect on violence prevalence during the act, apprehension and conviction of the perpetrator, and geographic location of the crime itself.
Until recently, rapists have largely been placed in one identified group based on their crime. However, the difference in violence prevalence, and preparation or approach of the crime varies distinctly based on the type of perpetrator. Thus, the discrepancy between the categories of serial and single-victim perpetrators could prove helpful to further create usable profiles for law enforcement, identify motivating factors, and assist in the development of effective treatments for predators. Although the crimes are similar in finality, the variable distinctions are as vast as the assailants.
As of January 1st, 2013, the Federal Bureau of Investigation changed their standard and definition of rape as a crime. : The old definition was “The carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will...

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