Essay on A Comparison of Mexican and Tongan Immigrant Groups

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A Comparison of Mexican and Tongan Immigrant Groups

I chose to write my paper on the comparison and contrast of two immigration groups. I chose them because they are extremely similar once they have arrived in America, and very different culturally. The two groups that I chose are the Mexicans and the Tongans. It is never easy for someone when they arrive in a new country, but it is how you handle yourself while you are there is what counts, so my goal is to show a brief comparison of these two migrant groups. Living in Arizona you come to interact with quite a few Mexicans in your life. Many people are afraid of what they don’t understand, Mexicans and Americans. It is strange to me that Mexicans are the way that they are with their education. They seem to have very little concern for education, while the Tongans put huge bearing on their children’s education. I have personally spoken to a few Mexicans that I work with about their education, and they all say the same thing, “es no neccesarrio!” Meaning that it is not important to them. They feel that their is no future with an education, meaning if they don’t work they don’t live. I think that is one of the hardships that they have to face coming to somewhere like America, with little education it gives them little opportunity to learn English. I know a few people who are living in America and have been since their children were born. They still don’t know English and have very little concern to learn it. Yet their children know English, fluantly. So in away they are accomplishing their goal, and that is to provide a better life for their next generation. To me what the Mexican parents do for their children is a very noble concept, the problem is if th...

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...rything to help to get the rest of them to America also.

The comparison between the Tongans and Mexicans shows although these two countries are on opposite ends of the earth, their migrants arrive with very similar hopes and concerns for making a new life in America. These people are competing with one another for the viable low wage jobs and it is great for all sides. If it were to be a competition between survival of the two groups, based on equal size I think the Tongans would prevail. I feel this way because they have an unbelievable literacy rate and a good grasp of the importance of education in America. The Mexicans have the edge though with there size, but that may also serve as a disadvantage. Due to past Mexican stereotypes. Comparing the two groups shows that everyone has a chance, it just matters how people pursue their goals in life.

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