A Catastrophe of Pandemic Proportions Essay

A Catastrophe of Pandemic Proportions Essay

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A Catastrophe of Pandemic Proportions

A Catastrophe of Pandemic Proportions
It is the year 2018. The future that once looked bright is now filled with devastation. Two years ago a small pox epidemic swept through the United States in the worst act of terrorism we have ever seen. Due to the belief small pox was gone for good, children were no longer vaccinated. If only we knew the enemy was manufacturing this virus as a lethal weapon to be unleashed in the United States. I do not think even the enemy had any idea of the magnitude of death and destruction such a simple virus could cause. The first wave killed 40% of the eastern coast. As it swept across our nation, the main toll was children’s lives. Many who survived were left blind and scarred forever. The infrastructure of the United States has been crumbling under our feet. If only this is where the war ended; with this brutal act of bioterrorism that left hundreds of thousands of lives lost. The enemy saw this as the perfect time to bomb our land. Those who survived had to fend for their lives as war was brought on our soil for the first time in a century. Of course, this scenario is fiction. This has never happened but the possibility is looming over our country. Due to the lack of public health preparedness education in the United States, this country is extremely vulnerable to mass casualty event from a pandemic event.
Many people in modern society do not realize something as simple as small pox virus could cripple our nation rather swiftly. Small pox is only one of the many viruses that could sweep through this nation like wildfire. Why is small pox so deadly? It is a virus thought to be extinct. This type of assumption is deadly. We no longer look for...

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