A Case Of Slight Scoliosis Essay

A Case Of Slight Scoliosis Essay

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Around the time I turned twenty-two this year I started to experience constant back pain for an unknown reason. Now I always knew back problems ran in my family, but I always assumed that it would not apply to me. I could not have been more wrong. After three weeks of enduring constant back pain I finally broke down and made an appointment to meet with my doctor to find out the problem. After some x-rays and a physical exam later, my doctor told me I had a case of slight scoliosis in the lumbar region of my spine. While numerous options were made available to me the one my doctor most recommended was to strengthen the muscles in the core to help my back.
My current fitness level when I started this assignment was at the beginner level since while I did exercise, maybe once every two weeks, I was not consistent with my workout routine. But my regular activities such as going to work as a shelf stocker along with my own personal errands I had to run throughout the week helped to keep me moderately active and from becoming obese. My current body weight when I started was 114.4 lbs. along with my height was 5 ft. 2 in. which puts my BMI at normal. The following factors are what contributed to my back pain such as my occupation as a shelf stocker which has me lifting heavy objects, my family history of back problems, along with my poor posture and activity level. These factors that were outlined are what I needed to work on in order for me to achieve my fitness goal.
In order to achieve my goal of reduced back pain I researched different exercise and personal habits I had to change in order to improve my core. After reading an article on WebMD they recommended training the back muscles no more than three times a week completing each ...

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...d I notice a great reduction in my back pain and my posture. My posture before had me slouching a lot, but I have noticed that my shoulders now appear to be squarer and my sense of balance has improved. While I did reduce my back pain a significant degree, I feel as though it could have been lessen even more if I had stuck strictly to the set routine I had planned. On at least two occasions I forgot to do my exercises throughout the day due to either being preoccupied by school work or job related business. I also cheated on my diet by consuming two more cans of soda then my daily allowed one. I will continue my fitness goal of exercise to reduce my back pain, but I need to set my clock in order to wake up on time in the morning to complete my training and also resist or find alternatives to my sugary additions. But all in all this was a very helpful experience.

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