A Career as an Airport Security Coordinator Essay

A Career as an Airport Security Coordinator Essay

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In today’s volatile aviation environment the best way for a commercial airport to be secure is to have the responsibility shared between the airport operator, air carriers, tenants and the transportation security administration (TSA). After “9/11” the security scenario in airports has been drastically changed and detailed comprehensive strategy is required to deal with increasing terrorism and hijacking threats. Because of all the terrorist attacks and threat, the protection of our airport’s security has needed to become more of a team effort, whereas both organizations and individuals come together and work as a team. These teams work together to secure both the airport system and airport infrastructure. While I am currently a commercial pilot actively flying for a US carrier, I have always had a great interest in the career of an Airport Security Coordinator. I chose to research and discuss this career field, as I am contemplating early retirement from flying and pursue a career as an Airport Security Coordinator. The airport security of America’s airports include many levels and individuals that play a vital role in helping keep our airports, aircraft and passengers safe, and the role of an Airport Security Coordinator plays is a very active and vital one in ensuring the safety of millions of travels.
The major security threats that are encountered by an Airport Security Coordinator consist of threats from both individuals and terrorist group that are continually coming up with, and trying new methods of terrorism. One of the Airport Security Coordinator main concerns is how to protect and keep attacks from happening in the public areas of the airport terminals or possibly a terrorist attach at the airfield itself. In the pas...

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...o Airport Crime.
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