A Career as a Political Scientist Essay

A Career as a Political Scientist Essay

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The career that I decided to do my research on is a Political Scientist. I chose this career because it’s something I would want to do for the rest of my life. Politics has a great role in American society. As a political scientist you make the people’s voices heard and help up hold the foundations of democracy; whether that is as an elected official, or as an analyst helping senators make key decisions on a bill about to pass in their state, Political scientists make a difference.

The beginning of western politics goes back to the “Socrates” philosophers; which consists of Plato, Xenophon, and Aristotle (who is known as the “father of political science”) Most of their most famous works, such as The Republic by Plato, investigates political systems in a philosophical way. During the Roman Empire, scholars would study the political system by understanding how to govern, and looking at the operations of government. Political science coming from both the Greeks, and the Romans is very important, because our American political system is loosely based of the Greeks and Roman’s system of government. After the collapse of the Roman Empire and the rise of monotheism, Studying politics became very popular in churches and courts. The question of whether or not church and state should be separated was one of the hot topics of the time. In the 17th and 18th centuries; during the time of enlightenment, Political science finally started to evolve into what we now call political science. Philosophers like Voltaire and Diderot; who had great influence on the French revolution, really drew on political analysis, criticizing social and political factors, and political analysis in their work. Alexander Hamilton; as well as other Amer...

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...ter today and a better future. With an education from Lemon Bay High School and Bowling Green State University, I hope to one day become a proud political scientist.

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