A Business Degree At Lloyds Banking Group Essay

A Business Degree At Lloyds Banking Group Essay

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Our lives are dominated by businesses and I’m interested in studying how the most powerful people on the planet got to where they are. Is it because of great customer service? Is it achieving the lowest price? Is it good marketing? Or is it just luck? Businesses shape our lives and determine what will happen next in any industry. I’ve always been interested in a variety of subject, which lead me to choose A level subjects that I enjoy, however one thing I’ve always known is that I would embark on a Business degree. Growing up around entrepreneurial parents, I have gravitated towards a corporate career as I have seen


I gained valuable work experience earlier this year when I worked at Lloyds Banking Group in their Retail Investment Finance department. I was fortunate enough to be working during the period of Month End, a very busy time for any bank. I was permitted to sit in on important meetings and aid in the forecasting of the 2016 budgets. Additionally, I spent the majority of my time consolidating Month End data into a high level summary file which required a great underst...

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