A Brief Note On The United States And The Judicial System Essay

A Brief Note On The United States And The Judicial System Essay

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Neuroscience when applied to the judicial system in the United States is an emerging study in the science community. The general term for this is neurolaw. In many court cases in American history, there have been times when judges have had to question things such as the extent to which traumatic injury to the brain or a brain deformation can be blamed for criminal activity (Aggarwal & Ford, 797). It is difficult to determine whether a person is able to control themselves to the fullest extent due to, for example, a hyperactive amygdala, which is where the brain’s fight-or-flight instinct originates. Should a person be able to defend him or herself in this instance? While many people are still asking these questions, there are those who believe that neurolaw is conceptually confused and therefore cannot yet play a role in court rulings (Levy, 181).
These people believe that while neurolaw may shape the future of the courtroom, we do not yet know enough about the field in order for it to be at its peak in society. They argue that a lack of knowledge in any field can lead to misguided judgments and wrongdoings, “jumping the gun” if you will, with neurolaw being no exception to this rule. This is a curious topic in terms of the theme of self-governance since we know only miniscule amounts of information about neurolaw compared to what we may know in the future. It poses many fascinating questions that are becoming more necessary to answer.

The topic of censorship vs. free speech in the United States is something about which people in our current society constantly argue. The First Amendment of the United States constitution protects the freedom of speech and expression of any and all U.S. citizens, but to what extent should that fr...

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...or moral values" (Donnelly, 57). These families argue that they can socialize their children well enough through such organizations as “field trips, scouting, 4-H, political drives, church ministry, sports teams, and community volunteer work” (Ray, 1). Many people support homeschooling as a means of including more of what the child wants to learn about while still broadly following state school guidelines and standards on which children need to be educated. The idea is that if the child is given the opportunity to learn about whatever they want (within the required subjects,) there will be a smaller chance that they will dislike school and they will have a greater love for learning. This relates to the topic of self-governance by questioning whether parents should have the right to homeschool their kids, or if the government should decide how children will be taught.

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