A Brief Note On Diabetic Potential Medical Emergency Essay examples

A Brief Note On Diabetic Potential Medical Emergency Essay examples

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This semester has been the most challenging semester for me. Due to an emergency my semester didn 't start off like I thought it would. Although different things happen throughout your life that you don 't have any control over, and I can defiantly say my support system through it all has made things a lot better. I couldn 't thank the dental hygiene staff enough for being so understanding and helping me get into the flow of clinic. It wasn 't easy but I was able to get the hang of everything.

Legal and Ethical
Diabetic Potential Medical Emergency. A Maintenance patient that has been to the clinic before was assigned to me one day. I looked over all the patients help history and medication to see what type of medical emergencies I should be aware of if any happened. My patient had many things wrong but the one thing that stood out was diabetes. On the patients last visit with me I was aware that she didn 't have time to eat and only ate a couple crackers. She had already taken her diabetic medication as well. Based on my knowledge from medical emergencies I know that patients should eat a good bit before taking their diabetic medication. If I never would have known that she didn 't eat as much as she need to and something would have happened I would have been clueless. I now see exactly why knowing medical history is important. I was able to finish this patient without her feeling sick. Through this experience I was able to learn but also teach my patient how much us as health professional care about their health.

Noncompliant patient. One day I was assigned a new patient and it was their first time in the dental hygiene clinic. I wen...

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...want to make sure everything is getting sterilized correctly because you don’t want to transfer anyone else’s germs to the next person. I appreciate all that Mrs. Lisa does for the dental hygiene clinic and I will be willing to help out as much as I can throughout clinic.
By completing this portfolio I was able to think about all the things I have experience this summer in clinic. This was defiantly a learning experience and I do see that I have made progress from the first day to now. I have learned that you will encounter different patients throughout clinic, but you have to learn how to deal with them all. The challenges I have faced this semester has made me a stronger person. I appreciate my patients and try to make them feel as comfortable as possible because you never know what they may be going through, and you can be the one that makes their day.

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