A Brief History of Judaism Essay

A Brief History of Judaism Essay

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Historical Facts
Where & How Does This Faith Perspective Originate?
Judaism originated in 2000 B.C.E. in Canaan, which is now Israel ad Palestinian. This
faith perspective is based on the patriarchal narratives in the Hebrew Bible, accordingly
tracing the birth of their nation. Along with this text, the origin is associated with
Abraham, who was nomadic herder that entered a unconditional covenant with God, as he
is promised to be the father of a great nation, be given a good land, and in return nothing is
Founder & Followers:
Judaism was founded by Abraham, father of faith. He was promised by God to be the
father of a great nation, and be given a good land, and in return nothing is expected, also
known as the divine covenant. Abraham leaves his home in search of this unseen land and
promise, commonly referred to as faith. The combination of divine covenant and faith is
the basis for the human divine relationship. He encounters challenges: age and inability to
trust promise. Abraham's family develops the followers through the family line with Isaac,
Jacob, and Jacob's 12 sons who become the 2 tribes of Israel. The favorite son was Moses,
who had presented by God on the Mount Sinai, "The Law." Israelites continued the
religion, they faced bloody battles, and in th end they create a government with checks and
Major Writings (Scriptures):
The Jewish Bible, Tanakh is made of 39 books, which consists of law (Torah), history, poetry, wisdom, songs, and prophesy. The Hebrew Bible developed from the oral tradition by the ancient Israelite community. The Torah is the center of Judaism, the backbone of faith and life. Books of the Torah are Genesis, Exodus, L...

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...idolatry, murder, theft, sexual promiscuity, blasphemy, eating meat taken from a live
animal, and requirement of setting just laws.
Ritual Formation:
Jews worship one God, as the faith is monotheistic, and God's name cannot be spoken, nor
can he be seen as he appears in a vision of smoke. The Shabbat is a twenty-five hour
observance which includes lighting and blessing of candles at home, and having service
along with a festive family meal. Jews also oversee the Jewish New Year, and the Day of
Atonement. On a daily basis they Jews conduct three devotional services, one in the
morning, afternoon, and evening, in which they recite, it is ideal to perform these prayers
in a synagogue. Other rituals the Jews take part in is circumcision of boys, demonstrating
a prayer when they witness a miracle, and a prayer for every imaginable occasion.

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