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Living in a body that is the wrong gender is horrifying, to say the least. Waking up every morning, realizing that the mindset needed to fit a gender doesn’t pertain to the body assigned at birth is be an extremely traumatizing experience. Throughout the years, the transgendered community has not been represented throughout the years and healthcare for the individuals associated with this “label” is almost unheard of, especially in the military. Trans* people are often looked over in healthcare, which doesn’t even begin to cover expenses even though they are absolutely necessary, extremely costly and the process is extremely difficult.
In reality, transgendered medical procedures aren’t an option. They are a necessity and are of utmost importance. The lack of urgency for everyone, including the trans* community, to receive adequate healthcare is alarming. These procedures are as much of a requirement as any other medically corrective procedure and without them many transgendered people find consolation in thoughts of death. As Dr. Blosnich stated, “Furthermore, there is evidence of elevated risk for suicidal behavior among transgender populations,” (1). Transgendered suicide rates are alarmingly high because resources are not readily available to the community. The feelings of being trapped inside of the wrong body start affecting work, daily life and even mental stability to the point where the only realistic option is death. In the article Transgender identity and health care: implications for psychosocial and physical evaluation, Dr. Alegria wrote “…the lack of formal education that nursing students receive on transgenderism compounds these problems, and portends continued inadequate health care in the future,” (175). Healt...

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...es low, to help people become happy, and to just provide basic healthcare needs to those in need. Teresa Murphy stated, “I think to a certain extent it 's invisible to the field of medicine still.” Murphy has a very valid point, the transgendered community still has not received enough attention. Too many people have been lost to the lack of help for the trans* people of the U.S.

In summation, trans* healthcare needs to become more prevalent because sex reassignment is necessary, it is too expensive to cover out of pocket, and the trans* community needs as much support as it can get. The concept of a person who is born into the wrong body is difficult to understand but it is not impossible. Health insurance companies should update their policies and no longer categorize sex reassignment procedures as cosmetic so the trans* community can move forward and progress

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