A Behavioral Study On The Brain And Its Response Essay

A Behavioral Study On The Brain And Its Response Essay

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People don 't change is probably one of the biggest myths that I see people buy into; especially people who don 't want to change or people who are too scared to change. The reality is that I 've changed drastically since I was younger, and I know many other people who have too. Some people change physically, some people change spiritually, some people change mentality, and some people change their whole lives around. If change wasn 't possible, then nobody would ever adopt anything new in their life and everyone would be the same from their twenties to the end of their life.

I heard of a behavioral study done in Montreal where they did a lot of research on the brain and its response to various topics, such as change. The results showed that talking about change was almost identical as talking about torture. So, it shows that the process of thinking about change is scary for people, and likely that is why most people don 't change.

And, change is very hard to do! Some people will not change throughout their entire life. It 's comfortable to do what you 've always done, and changing requires strength and commitment so that you don 't fall back into your old habits. If you can 't find that strength and commitment, you will start falling back into old ways of behaving, thinking, and believing, and soon nothing will have changed at all. And while you will feel comfortable back in your own habits, you will kind of wish you had followed through.

People Don 't Change Easily

That is a much truer statement than just 'people don 't change '. Research has shown that change is not easy, so it 's important to know that change doesn 't always happen quickly. Yes, you may set out a goal to change a few things about yourself, but to get ...

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...ving relationship should look like, and then rate your relationship based on that description.

Once you have a rating for all areas of your life, take a look at why you have given your life those rating. For instance, if you gave your love life a 2, then take a look at your relationship and decide why you feel like that.

- Is your partner ignoring you?

- Are you being impatient with your partner?

- Do you feel like you are growing apart?

Write it all down and be honest. Then move on to the next area of your life and write down why you gave that area the rating you did.

Once you can see what is going wrong in those areas of your life, you will have a clearer vision of what you need to change in order to experience more happiness and fulfillment in those areas. So, write down a few goals for each area of your life that would make you feel happy and fulfilled.

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