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In the film, “A Beautiful Mind”, John Forbes Nash starts his career at Princeton University as a mathematics student in graduate school where he was known for his intelligence. Brilliant but somewhat arrogant and antisocial man, Nash preferred to spend most of his time seeing and making mathematical formulas associated with regular occurrences and he eventually wanted to create a revolutionary equation in mathematics. Nash also spent some time with his roommate, Charles, who was a student of English Literature. After he graduated from Princeton, He started teaching at M.I.T, where he meets his future wife Alicia Larde. Meanwhile, the government ask for his help in breaking the Soviet Code, where he gets into bigger trouble. Eventually, he realized that half of the things he see and he has believed are false. His life turns upside down. Eventually, with the help of his wife, Alicia, Nash got triumphed over his tragedy and, in 1994, he wins the Noble Price in Economics.
In the movie, Nash enters a world of mystery and imagination as when he meets William Parcher who asks for his help in Pentagon, to crack a complex encryption and deciphering the code. But, at this point, Parcher was another person that Nash had created in his mind, other than Charles and his niece Marcee. Being a member of United States of Defense facility and being relied on to break codes by looking for patterns in magazines and newspaper to stop a Soviet plot. Then writing a report of his finding and place it in a secret mailbox. This whole situation was a delusion, it was created in his mind.
Delusion, Hallucination, Disorganized speech and movements are all positive symptoms that are associated with Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a disorder of thought, this...

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... However, overall, the portrayal of paranoid schizophrenia in the movie is very much the same as what the psychology presents. The positive symptoms had been described in the movie correctly. And the character Nash shows all the positive symptoms of the schizophrenia.
Through this movie, I learned about Schizophrenia, types of Schizophrenia. How positive and negative symptoms are associated with schizophrenia. First time I saw the movie, I didn’t understand when it was reality and when it was delusion of Nash. Second time when I saw the movie, I understood what was going on. Then, I realized that how hard it would be for the person who is suffering from schizophrenia to differentiate between reality and delusion. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is learning about schizophrenia. This is a really good movie and depicts the concept of schizophrenia very well.

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