The 100 Years Show By Carmen Herrera Essay example

The 100 Years Show By Carmen Herrera Essay example

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Age is only but a number for many optimistic people; especially for those people who defy the typical social standards that the elderly are not able to keep up with the younger generations due to retirement and health issues. The same optimistic elderly defy these standards by maintaining an active participation in an activity meaningful to them and acquiring respect for that activity by younger generations while also reaching the impressive status as a centenarian. Exceeding expectations for centenarians is shown through the short documentary, called The 100 Years Show, that depicts the life of a Cuban artist named Carmen Herrera, who at the time the documentary was filmed was 99 years old. According to an article posted through the National Public Radio, Herrera is 101 years old as of July 2nd, 2016 and she is still active in the art community with her abstract yet simple paintings being shown in a two separate solo exhibitions (Michel, 2016). Throughout the course of the documentary, it touches on aging issues by detailing Herrera’s physical struggle as an artist reaching the status of centenarian and the taxing experience of a loved one with dementia.
During the documentary, Herrera is shown as a vibrant woman who happens to be near the centenarian milestone in her life with the only main problem affecting her is that of physical limitations. These physical limitations provide a challenge for Herrera with the major limitation resulting from the inability to have the continued endurance and balance to walk. Herrera revealed that she is scared to leave her apartment without her wheelchair after a fall that left her hospitalized for a short period (Herrera, 2016). This fear of falling is common for older adults, especially for ...

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...ilm depicted this aging issue by revealing the toll the disease can impact on a caretaker, particularly a spouse.
During the course of the documentary, The 100 Years Show, some issues that come with aging are revealed in the life of centenarian artist, and they include the issues of physical body struggles and the impact of being a caregiver for a person with dementia. The documentary focused on the issues Herrera has faced as she has grown older but it also focused on the positive impacts she has made in the world of art. Herrera has challenged the stereotypes that artists should be fresh-faced by continuing to pursue her passion of painting even though she is decades older than most of the artists. Art has given her motivation to live every day to the fullest and there is no doubt that she will ever let anything, like age, interpret her from continuing her passion.

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