Essay about The ' Night Of The Broken Glass '

Essay about The ' Night Of The Broken Glass '

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Kristallnacht is also known as '"Night of the broken glass." The name refers to the brutal and extremely violent night. This event took place on November 9th and 10th, 1938. It all started with local anti-Jewish riots in smaller places, but one of the first ones happened on November 07, 1938 when a large group made up of SA and SS troops destroyed and broke into Jewish businesses. Five other towns near by were also violent that same night. Ghettos were much like small cities were Jews were forced to live. Most of the times, these had walls, making it hard for the Jews to leave. The purpose of them was to separate the Jewish from those who were not Jews. The population in these places was often big and they had to live in very poor conditions. Many children starved to death. Charlene Schiff who was interviewed on 1993 was part of a ghetto and she suffered of hunger. To stop this, kids in the ghetto dug a hole on one side of the fence and another on the other side and managed to get out and obtain food. "...a child could sneak out to the other side and, you know, take off the Star of David and try to act like a normal human being and see if we could obtain food. And now and then, children brought home some food back to the ghetto. I did it many times." This is important because it helps us kind of understand the necessity they had for food. It was extremely dangerous to get out of the ghetto and if they were to be caught they would have been killed. Not only were they suffering for food but their own self esteems were being affected. They saw themselves different when in reality, we are all the same. This confirms how cruel all the laws and discrimination was. Leah Hammerstein Silverstain was interviewed on 1996, and her family...

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...r, and that way, they would be more likely to support the war. Nevile Chamberlain was the prime minister in England at the time, and he thought that they should try everything in their power to try and avoid the war. "...We should seek by all means in our power to avoid war, by analyzing possible cuases, by trying to remove them, by discussion in a spirit of collaboration and good will... even if it does mean the establishment of personal contact with dictators." (Document A) This is significant because it shows how we was really trying to keep his people from going to war, and he rather have peace instead of going straight to war. He was willing to take the risk of going to talk to Hitler about the problems and trying to do something so peace could remain. Although its true that WWII still broke out, Chamberlain attempted to stop it from happening. NEXT PAGE!

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