Zoos and Exotic Pets: Humanity or an Abomination Essay

Zoos and Exotic Pets: Humanity or an Abomination Essay

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The issue that has been raging for over many years is if animals should be owned by humans. This mainly concerns zoos, private owners and other facilities that hold animals. The public saw this issue and wanted to address it. Big organizations such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) are the ones who are mainly active in this dilemma. The people who are also interested in this issue are those who fit into the category of any side of the argument. Other people and organizations, who are interested in this topic, are zoos or animal wildlife parks. People of the public were interested in this issue, which is why there so many organizations and debates for the issue of animal cruelty. Zoos also promoted interest for this issue in the public, due to the high amount of visitors. There are two main viewpoints in this argument and one in the middle of both. One side is for animal being kept in zoos, facilities or owned by humans in general. The other side argues that animals should not be kept by anyone because they are nobody’s to own. The middle ground between the two points of view believes that only some people and facilities are allowed to take care of animals (basically those who are qualified).
The first point of view from this issue is the side that believes humans, zoos and other facilities should be allowed to keep animals. The places that captivate animals believe that they are doing a favor to the creatures. They believe that they are saving them from being killed by humans. They say that if they would not have taken in these animals they would have died in the wild. They say they’re giving them a fresh new start and a place to live without worry. For example, in this article they state that zoos try and h...

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...ans should be able to possess animals or not. One side of the scale believes that anybody can have animals. The other side of the scale believes that nobody has the right to have any animals. The middle ground or the middle of the scale believes that only some people should have the right to own animals. Each side has very good reasons for their arguments and points of view. Although some of these reasons are considered ridiculous by some certain people. The people who care about this should be almost everyone, because almost everyone has experienced visiting a zoo, animal abuse or even buying a pet. This issue is a huge deal to humans because there are so many animals and we have to figure out what to do with them and who is or who is not allowed to take care of them; Especially since humans have been diffusing all over the world, taking over animal’s environments.

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