Young Male Aggression And Alcohol Consumption Essay

Young Male Aggression And Alcohol Consumption Essay

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Research has shown the peak time for violent offending is weekend nights and the peak location is in and around pubs and clubs (Allen, Nicholas, Salisbury & Wood 2003); it has been estimated that three quarters of violence in the night economy happens in bars and clubs (Donkin & Birks 2007). It has also been found that violence in the night-time economy typically involves young males between the ages of seventeen and twenty four (Allen et al. 2003). The two most important risk factors for victimisation in the night-time economy are being young and being male with men forty one percent more likely to suffer violence than women in this setting (Teece & Williams 2000, Donkin & Birks 2007). Although almost all research in this area creates a valid link between young male aggression and alcohol consumption, many conclude that it is not the sole, nor the most prevalent factor (Graham & Wells 2003, Graham, Wells & Tremblay 2009, Tomsen 1997, Benson & Archer 2002). Instead it can be argued that the violent behaviour is a product of the macho culture surrounding young men, in which heavy alcohol consumption is just one factor (Gilmore 1990, Graham & Wells 2003, Graham, Wells & Tremblay 2009, Tomsen 1997, Benson & Archer 2002).
It can be argued that young men are more inclined to commit violent acts due to the discourses surrounding what it means to be a man in modern society (Toerien & Durrhein 2005). Gilmore (1990) analysed cross-cultural themes in male value systems and argued that cross-culturally there are a significant number of similarities in conceptions of masculinity. Central to masculinity in almost all cultures is that it is something that must be earned through risk-taking behaviour such as challenging insults and protecting h...

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...riend being ‘over-possessive’ which was unappreciated by many women and was described as stupid behaviour. Very few women appeared to support the behaviour of a boyfriend who claimed he was fighting to ‘defend her honour’ (Benson & Archer 2002 page 16). Most of the young women who were interviewed believed that young men fought ‘to gain a reputation’ and ‘to look hard’. Although women viewed proving masculinity as the main motive for male violence, very few saw this as necessary and none claimed that they were attracted to men who fought (Benson & Archer 2002 page 16).
This suggests that greater attention needs to be paid to the values that shape the attitudes and behaviour of some young men and suggests that a greater importance should be placed on the culture surrounding young males in our society and the negative and potentially fatal effects this may have.

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