The Yellow Wallpaper, An Explanation For Both Gilman 's And The Narrator 's Growing Madness

The Yellow Wallpaper, An Explanation For Both Gilman 's And The Narrator 's Growing Madness

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The “rest cure” used throughout Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” as an explanation for both Gilman’s and the narrator’s growing madness (Gilman 526-535). Interpreting “The Yellow Wallpaper” requires the use of critical reviews such as biography and feminism. Conquering these critical reviews will allow us to better understand the horrors of Gilman’s reality. By starting to use both biography and feminism together we can begin to understand more of what was behind “The Yellow Wallpaper”.
“The story charts the narrator 's growing madness and preoccupation with the wallpaper of her sickroom and ends with her identification with the woman she sees "crawling" behind the “bars” of the prison like pattern” (Nadkarmi 219). Nadkarmi understood that Gilman was applying her real life situation into “The Yellow Wallpaper” because the women behind the wall paper resembles the attitude of Gilman. Understanding Gilman’s struggles would allow a realization that she wanted to escape from a prison in her own life. Not only did Gilman want to represent escape for herself but also to set an example for women like herself. Interpreting this as feminism would allow readers to understand how a women’s life could be during the late 19th century. Taking this into account we can go further with biography and feminism.
Furthermore, Gilman’s interest in art seemed to show in “The Yellow Wallpaper” like when the narrator talked about the wallpaper. “The paint and paper look as if a boys’ school had used it” (Gilman 527). Gilman’s use of the wallpaper; and how she used many senses such as smell to give us and idea of what the wallpaper was like. When reading you can see similarities with painting that Gilman had prior experience in. Knight explains that “Gilm...

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...per” and herself. Critical reviews give us a better understanding of Gilman which in turn gives us a better interpretation of “The Yellow Wallpaper”.
Understand critical reviews like biography and feminism will allow a deeper look into “The Yellow Wallpaper” as well as Gilman’s life. The feeling of completely understand a book that has so many twist and turns is unmeasurable. Throughout the story you can find it difficult to understand the narrator’s thoughts; but through using critical reviews everything changes. The narrator became more like Gilman, and the idea of feminism became more prominent. Fighting for freedom of woman Gilman created a beautiful piece of art even though it turned into a short story. Finally Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” gives readers a look into a woman’s life in the late 19th century and shows just how much our world has changed overtime.

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