Essay on Wuthering Heights By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Essay on Wuthering Heights By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Wuthering Heights is one of the most critiqued and popular works of the mid-nineteenth century. Wuthering Heights has never been easily categorized into a certain genre, having elements from both the Gothic and the Romantic literature. Wuthering Heights, also utilizes the literary technique, frame story or frame narrative which is a story within a story. The frame story of Wuthering Heights is of Lockwood, who introduces us to Heathcliff, his landlord, and to Nelly Dean. Nelly Dean becomes the narrator of the novel and tells stories of the Linton and Earnshaw families and their lives at the houses Thrushcross Grange and Wuthering Heights. The majority of the novel is from Nelly’s point of view, which brings up multiple questions. How is truthful is Nelly’s story? Is Nelly’s objective and unbiased? Or is Nelly’s story full of jealously and hatred? Throughout time, Heathcliff has been viewed as a horrible, abusive villain and Catherine as a vindictive, spoiled woman. Nelly may have caused these strong views and opinions about the Earnshaw children.
Nelly showcases herself as more than a narrator or servant throughout the story- she portrays herself as a more important person with close connections to the other characters, even though that may be viewed only within her head. Nelly tells the story in great detail, as if it happened recently. Even though Nelly “claims” to be objective, her true feelings of the other characters in the novel is shown through passing comments and actions that others may not see as hatred or jealously. Nelly views Heathcliff with disdain and jealously and frequently sabotages the happiness of everyone. Nelly sees Heathcliff as an orphan lucky enough to be brought into an upper-class and one who is treated ...

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...entially proves that Nelly was captivated with Hindley and she resented Francis because she was Hindley’s wife and then she raises their son as her own.
Having only Nelly Dean’s story, Catherine seems to be a selfish, self-centered woman who cares only about her well-being and comfort. Heathcliff is viewed as a savage man who acts on horrendous, vengeful tendencies when things do not go his way or someone has wronged him. Hindley seems ruled by his feelings of jealously and rage. All of these qualities and characteristics are ones that Nelly herself possesses and Nelly forces these onto her characters which alter the story and the reader’s perception. However, if Emily Brontë were to have written the story in a different perspective – from the viewpoint of Catherine or Heathcliff or perhaps Joseph, the story and actions of the characters might have been different.

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