Writing from the Perspective of George in Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men

Writing from the Perspective of George in Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men

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I remember 20 years ago when I used to look after a guy called Lennie, he was a really nice, he was very tall with a very friendly smile. I had a slight problem though, he was a lot like a child. He would enjoy stroking things which are soft and warm. If he saw something he liked he would touch it and if he was scared he wouldn’t even let go. This meant he loved rabbits and mice but he didn’t know his own strength so he usually ended up killing them by stroking them too hard and crushing their skulls but he is really just like a big friendly giant. He has the strength of 2 men so he is usually very good at work but I always had to get him out of trouble. He would do anything I asked him to.
One day a few kids were walking down the road so I thought it would be cool if I told him to jump into a river, I even knew that he could swim, so he did. When he started to drown I realized that he could die so I jumped in and got him out. He forgot that I told him to do it and was thanking me for saving him.
That was just that start of it but things began to look up. We found ourselves jobs out in Weed. It was a very nice place. Nice people and nice scenery. One day we went out and he saw a lady wearing a red dress so he touched it and the girl screamed so he couldn’t let go. She ran away and he skirt was torn and she told the people of Weed that he raped her so we had to run away and hide in farms irrigation. We waited till night and left. We were back on the road to find yet another job. We found this place out near Soledad. So we got a coach there but the coach dropped us of 4 miles away from the ranch. We were expected to be there the night before and arrived there the next day in the late afternoon. When we got there and the boss wasn’t too happy about that but got on with it and took our names down. We began work straight after dinner trying to make up for any time we missed.

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Lennie was carrying bags that usually took 2 men to carry. When we got to the bunk, there was this guy named Curley. He was the boss’s son but he didn’t have a very nice personality. He was against Lennie from the moment he set his eyes on him. He didn’t like tall people because he was quite small but he was a boxer. You can imagine where this led to. They ended up having a fight because Curley thought that Lennie was laughing at him but because Lennie was so obedient, he didn’t even touch Curley when he was being hit. He took them all in and then I told him to get him, so he ended up crushing his hand and wouldn’t let go because everyone said to let go and he got worried again just like what happened in Weed, his strength overcame him and he crushed Curley’s hand. Luckily Candy agreed to say that his hand was caught in a machine as he was ashamed of losing to Lennie.
The next day, the boy’s and I went down to the whore house to have a few drinks and a nice evening. The only woman I had seen since we left Weed was Curley’s wife so it was quite a nice evening. I met this nice girl called Casey. She told me about how she got out here and why she wasn’t somewhere a bit bigger like California.
When I returned from the enjoyable evening, I go into the barn and find Lennie speaking to Crooks (the stable buck) and Lennie came over and said hello. Then we went to the bunk house.
The next day we were out playing Horse Shoes and I lost so I went over to the barn where I found Candy who was as white as a ghost and as I walked closer to him, I saw why. There in front of me was Curley’s wife, dead! We knew that only one person could break someone’s neck and it was Lennie.
I set off to find him but I knew where he would be. I head Curley saying that he would shoot Lennie’s guts so I knew what I had to do. I found him sitting by the pond just like I told him. I began telling him about how its going to be and to picture it just over the pond. I got to his favourite bit about how he could tend the rabbits, put the gun up behind his head and pulled the trigger. He fell to the ground without even shivering. I heard the shot roll over the hills and threw the gun away. Lennie was dead!
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