The Writing An Efficient Essay

The Writing An Efficient Essay

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Innumerable students instantly dread when they are faced with the task of writing an essay. Although many suggestions cross their minds when the topic is discussed, it becomes incredibly hard to pick up the paper and pen and begin writing almost as if the ideas you once had vanished out of thin air. As essay takes on standard format which begins with an introduction, has body paragraphs, and ends with a conclusion. There are a few steps to writing an efficient essay.
First, students must generate their ideas. They have to think about what they know about the topic and how to put it in the paper. Many have different strategies when trying to come up with ideas. Some students prefer brain storming. This is when they sit with a piece of paper and come up with ideas related to that topic of their paper. Some students just list of ideas as they write, that help them better organize their thoughts and where their ideas can fit into the paper. Others just find that they may need to prewrite because they think well when it first comes to mind and they are being timed by themselves or teachers. And then you have those who are what I call the “naturalist”, I call them that because no matter the topic of the paper or the time remaining to finish writing they write as they go and can go with any writing method they please. All students are different, so everyone writes in different ways. For example, my friend Jasmine likes to prewrite the majority of the time. She sets her timer on her phone for fifteen minutes and begins writing everything that comes to mind about the topic. When the buzzer goes off, she looks at what has been written and underlines or highlights what she wants to use and excludes anything else she doesn’t want in her pape...

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... then became a burden on me instead of myself having an opportunity to learn and share ideas in class. If I had already done my rough draft I would have been able to share what I had written and build on from what I had to make my paper stronger. Students should just start writing while using their time wisely and not expect a perfect paper the first time, but try to build on what they have to finish writing their paper.
Writing an essay is not so difficult, when you use what you know and apply it. Students simply need to have a plan for how they want to write out their papers. First, they need to find a way to generate their ideas, organize their ideas in some way that makes sense to them, and then sit down and pick up their pencils and begin to write. The more students practice writing, the easier it could become because it’s truly only thinking and sharing ideas.

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