World 's Toughest Challenges With Technology With The National Center For Missing And Exploited Children ( Ncmec )

World 's Toughest Challenges With Technology With The National Center For Missing And Exploited Children ( Ncmec )

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: Honeywell, which is a diversified technology and manufacturing company that addresses a few of the world’s toughest challenges with technology partnered with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), and decided to launch the Got 2B safe program, it was the result of two negative factors. First, a majority of the programs that are already established focuses on finding children once they have gone missing, and second there aren’t any programs preventing child abduction. The Got 2b safe program provided teachers with the necessary material to educate children about safety; the success of the program has earned Got 2B safe eight corporate responsibility awards and a Silver Anvil Award. The cause for Honeywell’s concern about child abduction developed after The U.S. Justice Department reported that on average 2,185 children under the age of 18 have gone missing. However, when the executives from Honeywell explored the issue in depth they discovered that child abduction ranked second behind drugs as a major concern for parents. Also, children are more likely to be abducted by someone they know rather than someone they do not know. According to Jackson (2007), young children are likely to be abducted by someone they know because they are less likely to resist or verbally protest (p.523). Children are the last line of defense for abduction; however, children who are taught refusal skills can help prevent the abduction. Teaching about safety and security is a very important aspect of the program. Got 2B safe gave teachers the opportunity to provide their students with a positive and empowering lesson about personal safety. Children are dependent on adult figures for care; unfortunately, in a negative way,...

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...y; housing and shelter; and humanitarian relief are like their values. But, education and safety became the number one values that revolve around the success of the program. Values-driven is the success that is measured between the organization and the affected public. Not only has Got 2B safe received awards and rewarded teacher, but it has other organizations taking notes. According to Guth and Marsh (2012), values- driven public relation make ethical decision making a number one priority (p.21). The decision to help educate children to make effective choices when faced with abduction was the main priority. Through Value- driven, the Got 2B safe program was provided throughout schools, and principles such as changing the way safety is taught and taking immediate action with partnering up with NCMEC to prevent child abduction were observed through the process.

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