Working With Male And Female Inmates Essay

Working With Male And Female Inmates Essay

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In this paper I will explain how life in prison differs for a female as for a male. I will explain how they differently deal with the situation of being incarcerated and how it affects them both. I will show how the number of incarcerated male and female inmates has gone up throughout the years. I will talk about the challenges and rewards officers face when working with male and female inmates. I will also incorporate the different type of organizations and programs the criminal justice system offers to help them. I will include examples throughout my research paper of both, female and male, to show how they are different.

Male vs Female Life in Prison
As we all know females and males have always been very different from each other and being incarcerated makes no difference. They both have different ways of adjusting to prison and dealing with their new life. Laura E. Bedard (the first female Deputy Secretary of the Florida Department of Corrections) said that one of her colleagues once summarized the difference between working with male and female inmates as follows: “When you tell a male inmate to tuck his shirt in, he does it. But when you tell a female inmate to tuck her shirt in, first she asks why, then she tells you about a million other inmates who didn’t have to tuck their shirt in.” In this paper I will explain the differences of male and female inmates. I will explain how inmates deal with being incarcerated, how the number of inmates has increased, the challenges and rewards of working with both genders and different help programs for Females.
How Inmates Deal with Being Incarcerated
Every single person is different, so everybody has their own way of dealing with things. Being in prison can cause a lot of stress ...

... middle of paper ...

...ions that help female inmates than there is for men. One of the organizations is Women’s Prison Association (WPA). This is an incorporated non-profit agency in New York City that offers institution and community based services to woman in prison, jails, probation, parole and ex-offenders. WPA helps females find a house, prepare them for jobs, get their children, stay out of jail and they give them addiction, health, and mental health services. WPA has a $4 million annual budget from private donors, a variety of Federal, State and City health, welfare, and criminal Justice agencies.
This is how females and males differ from their life in prison. I personally, learned a lot form this research and now I have an idea of how things work behind bars. I do hope that throughout the years someone would come up with more ways to improve the criminal justice system.

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